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Nutcracker costume rental payments
Due by Nov 16th

Costume Rental Polices 

· ALTERATIONS: Costumes may not be altered to fit and must be returned in their original condition. If a costume is returned altered or damaged, fees will be charged.


· DAMAGED OR LOST COSTUME FEES: Normal wear and tear on costumes is expected and will not incur extra charges. Damage beyond normal wear and tear will incur damage charges. Damage charges will be assessed for broken zippers, detached garment pieces, make-up or other stains or any other damage that renders the costume not rentable. It includes the cost of the supplies needed to restore the garment to its original state as well as labor costs. Major damage to costumes, including irreparable tears, or irreversible stains will be assessed at the replacement value of the costume. Lost costumes and/or accessories will be assessed with a lost costume fee of the replacement value of the costume and/or accessory.


· RETURN RENTAL DATE: All costumes and accessories must be returned in the original packaging to the Louis Nunnery School of Ballet studio and checked-in and assessed by one of the Owners by the student’s next class following the performance. A $5 late fee will be assessed per day costumes are not returned. It is the responsibility of the student/parent to keep up with all costumes and accessories prior to, during, and after the performances. A fee will also be assessed for any pieces left at the auditorium.


By paying the costume rental fee, I acknowledge I have read and understand the Costume Rental Policies above and agree to abide by them. I agree to pay damage/replacement/late charges to Louis Nunnery School of Ballet if assessed. I will respect the costumes entrusted to me under this agreement, exercise the highest degree of care for the safekeeping and preservation of the costumes rented from LNSB.

Rental Fees:

· $50 for 1 costume (Pre Ballet, Ballet 1, 2, 3 & Adults)

· $60 for more than 1 costume (Ballet 4 & 5)

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